Technology has profoundly changed the way we connect, work and play in Egypt. Technology can even start a revolution?
Social networks, videos, mobile networks, tablets, digital games, computers…most of our lives in Egypt have become consumed in a digital world. What is specific about the way that we connect to digital media? What has been our progress in digital art production in Egypt? What do we need to learn from international digital arts experience? How we can connect with international artists to open platforms? And most importantly, why do we present this festival now?

We face many questions today, after our revolution. Now is an ideal moment to establish our first Digital arts festival in Egypt: "DI-EGY FEST". From the 27th March to the 10th April 2013, Di-Egy Fest will present different activities for Egyptian and international artists and audience in Cairo. They will have the chance to see digital arts exhibitions, projection nights, visit open

studios, attend academic conferences, or participate in one of six different workshops. Children will have a chance to learn about digital arts through the Di-Egy children section too.

By presenting digital art pioneers in Egypt and exchanging experience with experts from many countries, young artists will gain an awareness of how to shift or digitalize their art practices. What is the scope if digital art? Which medium to choose and why? The festival will be a great experience for different audiences and artists to connect with participants from various networks and together, build digital platforms for the future.

Lastly, we are proud to announce that this collaboratively funded festival is one of the first to connect governmental funding and independent organizational funds. A promising indicator of exciting new initiatives to come.

What is digital art in Egypt now?

"The history of modernism is intimately framed by that space; or rather the history of modern art can be correlated with changes in that space and in the way we see it. We have now reached the point where we see not the art but the space first. (A cliché of the age is to ejaculate over the space on entering a gallery.)

An image comes to mind of a white, ideal space that, more than any single picture, may be the archetypal image of twentieth century art; it clarifies itself through a process of historical inevitability usually attached to the art it contains."

The School of Fine arts in Cairo was established in 1908 by Egyptian prince Youssef Kamel, its first graduates being Mahmoud Mukhtar and Mahmoud Said. From this time until the beginning of contemporary art in the late eighties, artists used more or less the same media including paintings, sculpture, photography etc to create their works and express ideas.

The white cube gallery was almost the only holy place where artists could install their artworks in Egypt and elite audiences always came to visit galleries to enjoy or buy. After the internet and computers became a big part of our daily life in the late nineties artists started to use digital arts for their contemporary artworks. There has been a fast uprising movement, digitalizing our life and our arts. The contemporary arts scene in Egypt changed a lot the last 10 years and the idea of what artworks and art space can be have changed. Therefore our main reason to present the first digital arts festival in Egypt.

We decided to present this festival to look back and learn from our art history, identity and to look forward and work further with a better understanding of how our arts can have a real developing role in developing our society after digitalizing our life.




The Di-Egy Fest conference will be a three days academic conference with the corporation of Plymouth University and German university in Cairo to present an academic conference with professional international and Egyptian researcher about Digitalizing Egypt and the future of the image.




The Di-Egy Fest workshops activities include six different activities in new digital medium to help young artists to learn more about digital arts techniques. The six workshops will be sound art, game design, arduino, digital performance, technoetic arts and curating digital arts.




The Di-Egy Fest exhibition activities include two gallery spaces with round table part, open studio and projection night. These activities present the young Egyptians talents with international artist's guests, open new platforms for them, connect them with new contacts and ideas.




The Di-Egy Fest 0.1 children section present for the first time exhibitions tour with experienced guides and curators for children and their parents to educate them more about digital arts in their life through artworks; also the children will have to take part of the festival not only through these tours but through two different workshops that they can join to learn about digital arts techniques in their life.



Out of the circle initiative cordially organizes the Egypt Digital Art Festival (Di-Egy Fest 0.1), which will include an Exhibition, a Conference, Workshops and Kids digital activities.
The Festival will be sponsored by The Ministry of Culture (Fine Art Sector), The German University in Cairo, British Counsel and Prohelvitia. In cooperation with Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University, i-DAT.org, Artellwa, Foundland, Curated Place, Galerie für Zeitgenossische Kunst Leipzig and 100 Copies Music.The Festival activates will be held from March 27 to April 10, 2013 in

different venues: The Exhibitions and workshops will be in Gezira Art Centre, Manasterly Palace, The British Council Gallery, and Passage 35. The Conference will take place in the German University in Cairo and the Kids digital activities in Artellwa art space. Digital Egypt Festival Di-Egy Fest 0.1 is an intensive 15 days festvial for an international group of professionals. Its mission is to create an environment designed to maximize exchanges, stimulate new ideas, encourage experimentations and produce different activities.



When we started to dream about Di-Egy fest and we were putting the first sketches of it as first digital art professional festival in Cairo, we thought it is difficult! But the more we work on it and we put all our efforts to present it with a very professional and good digital arts festival for Egyptian audience and young artists in Cairo, the more we see and appreciate your supports to us to make this possible. We really thank you for all your support, not only the financial one but your words, actions and motivations that

kept us motivated and let us took this great responsibility to open a creative professional horizons and new way of thinking about digital arts and education for Egypt future and generations. Thank you for everything and we promise you to present the best of our experience and works for a better tomorrow in Egypt. For more information click here.