International Conference on Digital Arts within the International Research Conference in the SeriesConsciousness Reframed: Art and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era. In cooperation with the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, England, The German University in Cairo, Egypt are hosting the 13th Consciousness Reframed International Research Conference, entitled "Behind the Image and Beyond". The conference is part of the Di-Egy Fest 0.1, and will take place at German University in Cairo, New Cairo, Egypt, from March 31 to April 2, 2013.

The Consciousness Reframed conference series was founded by Roy Ascott at the University of Wales in 1997. Consciousness Reframed is a forum for trans-disciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology, design and consciousness, drawing upon the expertise and insights of artists, designers, architects, performers, musicians, writers, scientists, and scholars, usually from at least 20 countries. Consciousness Reframed conferences have taken place in Australia, Austria, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom.



Jacques Rancière said: "There are two catastrophic opinions about image and reality that are popular today. The first says that nothing is real anymore, because all of reality has become virtual, a parade of simulacra and images without any true substance. The second says that there are no more images, because an "image" is a thing clearly distanced or separate from reality - because we have lost the distance that enabled us to discern between images and reality, the image, as a category, no longer exists."

Roy Ascott emphasized:"Just as the image plays an increasingly pervasive and persuasive role in the world, so the desire to make the invisible visible, to go behind and beyond the image, has played a significant part in the development of western art over the past century.

While the status of the image and its many canons of representation vary across cultures, none will deny its power to excite and incite, inform and dissimulate, inspire and suppress. It can be argued that the more transparent the image the more profound or mysterious its origins. Post - digital art overtly challenges the image's status of semiotic stability and rhetorical determinism, and empowers the viewer to transform and transcend what is seen, through

interaction and participation, in a process of emergent meaning, exploiting particularly the hyperlinks and non- linearity of networks. This is to go behind the image to a second order state of semantic fluidity, and open-ended semiosis."

We might think of this in terms of looking at past examples of new imageness-for instance, the rise of photography. Photography carried out a new form of representation framed by literature itself, capturing the aesthetic of the prose poem. While Baudelaire is famous for denouncing photography, his prose poems appear to anticipate its eventual function in their early verbal version of the snapshot. Photography [like one of Baudelaire's prose poems about people in a window that Ranciere read] leaves the look mute and allows space for a multiplicity of meaning.

From the Di-Egy Fest 0.1 theme concept, we felt the need to organize the festival in different activities so the festival participants will have a wider platform to connect, learn, talk and work together to discover more behind the digital image and beyond in Cairo.


Presentations and papers are invited from artists, scientists and theorists in all fields.


Abstracts (no more than 500 words): February 1st, 2013
Submission deadline extended until: February 7th, 2013
Deadline extended to: February 10th, 2013
Full papers: March 1st, 2013
Publication of the conference printing proceedings: March 16th, 2013 conference dates: March 31st- April 2nd.


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Several publications are planned:
Published book (ISBN) proceedings with all the full papers will be published by Ministry of Culture in Egypt. Selected papers will be published in Intellect Technoetic Arts - Journal of Speculative Research, Bristol, UK

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